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Even virus can't halt duff tests

If the Government is so aware of the implications of the foot-and-mouth crisis, why am I about to undertake a 250-mile round trip into Devon - where the outbreak is probably the worst in the country - in order to take the literacy and numeracy skills tests?

The Government has decided that I must pass these tests in order to get qualified teacher status at the end of my postgraduate certificate in education course.

Considering that there is such a shortage of teachers, and in the light of the foot-and-mouth crisis, it would have been understandable if the deadline had been etended or the tests postponed. But while the ICT tests may have been pushed back to next year-as they cannot get it to work-we are still forced to take the other two.

I do not agree with having to take the tests. I am at a loss as to how the Government can believe that a person training to be a teacher, with GCSE maths and English (these being compulsory entry requirements on my PGCE course), A-levels and an honours degree can have got this far without being able either to add up or string together a few sentences.

Suzanne Jones 30 Holman Avenue Camborne Cornwall

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