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OCTOBER-DECEMBER Children's events at the Royal Festival Hall, London SE1, include gamelan workshops, a worldwide journey of music and words with Babar the elephant, tickets Pounds 3; the Oily Cart Company in The Perfect Present with puppets, music, songs and vivid visual effects, Pounds 3; and the London Philharmonic with a classical music programme entitled "Earth, Wind and Fire", Pounds 3.50. Details: 0171 960 4242.

OCTOBER 16 AND DECEMBER 5 TEACHERS' OPEN EVENINGS AT THE TOWER Teachers will travel through 2,000 years of history on London's first dark ride at Tower Hill Pageant, London EC3, 4.30-7 pm. Folowing this will be a visit to an exhibition on Roman and Medieval London. Free resource material with curriculum links to history, geography, English and technology will be provided. Booking essential through the education department on 0171 709 0081.

OCTOBER 18 KOREAN DAY Korean art gallery talk, slide lecture and musical performance with p'ansori (dramatic song) by Korean artists on oboes, flutes, drums and zithers at the British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1. Free tickets from: 0171 323 85118854.

OCTOBER 19-24 A TIME TO REMEMBER: EUROPEAN REMINISCENCE THEATRE FESTIVAL Performance groups (average age 80) from previously allied and enemy countries (Italy, France, Greece, Denmark, Germany, Britain, USA and Taiwan) will meet at Age Exchange, Blackheath, London SE3, to perform plays and participate in workshops devised from memories of World War II. There will also be an exhibition of older people's writings and photographs. Details: Maggie Jones, 0181 318 9105.

OCTOBER 21-29 I SPY As part of its new "Secret War" exhibition, the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, London SE1, is inviting children aged 8-12 to undertake a special spying mission. They will learn how to crack codes, see spy cameras and secret radios and obtain top security information. Details: 0171 416 55315.

OCTOBER 21-29 CAPS, CAPES AND SENSIBLE SHOES Half-term activities at the Florence Nightingale Museum, 2 Lambeth Palace Road, London SE1. Children will find out about nurses' uniforms past and present and enter a competition to design a new uniform. Details: 0171 620 0374.

OCTOBER 21 OCTOBER 23-27 NATIONAL LITERARY ASSOCIATION DAY ADOPT-AN-ANIMAL WEEK The NLA is coming to London Zoo, Regent's Park, NW1, to promote the importance of reading. By adopting an endangered animal, visitors can contribute to its upkeep at the zoo and play a part in the campaign to conserve endangered species all over the world. Details: 0171 586 6177.

OCTOBER 23-29 "DOING A RAZZ" HMS Belfast, Tooley Street, London SE1, needs 7-12-year-old volunteers to take part in a "replenishment at sea" exercise. They will report to their victualling stations on board to liaise with the ship's crew, investigate supplies, and aid the supply officer. Free "hard tack" refreshments and "tattoos" for hardened sailors on request. Details: Sarah Hogben,0171 407 6434.

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