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"Life in the Global Village" is the theme of Geography Action Week, October 8-12. Organised by The Geographical Association, it will encourage young people to think beyond their own "village" to the world community. The main themes are: global physical geography (oceans, atmosphere, rivers, tectonic plates, volcanoes); global responsibility (fair trade, aid); global communications particularly the Internet; global travel (for example, mapping places visited by class members); global fashion industry (for example, mapping the sources of clothing worn by class members). GA, 160 Solly Street, Sheffield S1 4BF. Tel: 0114 296 0088. E-mail:; Web;

Jousting spectaculars, famous battles recreated, craft displays, costume dramas, music and period festivals are all being mounted at English Heritage castles, houses, abbeys and monuments between now and October. Highlights include the History in Action festival at Kirby Hall, August 11-12, featuring 3,000 performers in dramatic, colourful displays depicting warfare and famous battles from the Romans to D-Day (see Other major events include a Battle of Hastings season at Battle Abbey, East Sussex running until October and a 2000 Years of History programme at Dover castle, featuring the Romans in July and the Medieval period during September.

Many events mark English Heritage's Year of Crafts and Skills. Topics include: architecture (tile-making, stone-carving, carpentry); archaeological techniques; interiors and furnishings; gardens and grounds; domestic and rural skills. Children are well catered for at all events with storytelling sessions, fantasy theatre shows and fun activities.

Tel: 0870 333 1181 for free events diary.Web:

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