The big picture

A short film featuring art, dance and music created by pupils at a Scottish school premi res at the An Tuireann arts centre on Skye this month. An Dealbh Mor, Gaelic for The Big Picture, stars pupils from Sleat Primary on Skye who took part in a two-year arts project encouraging them to explore their natural environment. Teachers and the nursery school unit were involved in the creation of a giant floor painting based on sketches made during outdoor art sessions.

The film will run until mid-April, with a display of their sketchbooks. A project catalogue will show other schools how arts experiences can enhance the curriculum for children and staff.

How it's made

The much-praised Black Watch by the National Theatre of Scotland is being revived for a tour in late Spring, with educational opportunities for schools, particularly drama students. Starting in Pitlochry in March, it moves to Aberdeen and Glasgow in April, and Dumfries and Dingwall in May.

Classes of up to 30 pupils will get "unprecedented access" to watch designers, lighting technicians and sound engineers transform a bare room into a stage set, and quiz the production managers and directors on the what, how and why.

Numbers are limited to 25 for The Making of the Black Watch, in which the group joins the director and creative team in what the company calls a "fast-paced, intense exploration" of making verbatim theatre. Using the same techniques and technology, the directors, designers, artists and actors help pupils create their own play script. Every venue offers backstage tours.

For workshops, contact Gillian Gourlay and Karen Allan at NTS. Tickets, contact the venue direct. Pitlochry T 01796 484626 Theatre of Scotland T 0141 227 92312

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