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Events ideas

* West Bridgford School in Nottingham spent the day on creative activities.

Students wrote poems and songs, tongue-twisters and sketches and invented their own cast of contestants for Big Brother. Enthusiastic participants were rewarded with multi-lingual stickers from CILT. "Even Years 10 and 11 were falling over themselves to get one. It is amazing what will motivate 16-year-olds!" says Jason White, head of modern languages.

* At Lindfield Primary School in West Sussex, children were invited to dress up in a European theme and prizes were awarded for most imaginative outfits. Pupils were introduced to the rudiments of German by puppets Hans and Heidi, with a little help from Carol Merrett of the French language organisation La Jolie Ronde.

* At St Austin's Catholic Primary School in Liverpool, where Spanish is taught throughout, children sported the colours of the Spanish flag. During morning assembly they looked at the different languages used by members of the school community. In lesson time they entered various competitions to win rulers and bookmarks from the Spanish Embassy. The day coincided with a visit from three teachers from Spain, who toured classrooms teaching traditional songs.

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