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Sian Davies, of Ysgol Twm O'r Nant, has taken a Year 5 group to Ewe Phoria

We were staying in an outdoor education centre and I was looking for an activity. Some of them were farmers' sons and daughters. So I took the children along to Aled's hill farm.

Aled sheared two or three sheep for them - he can make the sheep lie down by pressing on pressure points on their heads, and the children thought that was wonderful.

They loved the sheep coming in and out of the doors, and when he worked with his dogs they thoroughly enjoyed that too.

Then we played with his puppies. There was the talk, then shearing, then the puppies, then the work in the field.

It was summer and there had been haymaking, and afterwards we went to the field and played rounders.

The children said they'd like to come back with their parents.

I think that when teachers arrange a visit they need to be very precise about the needs of their group, to make sure that the talk is tailored for the children.

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