ex-goth TEACHERS - where are you?

Magpye: I posted a misheard Sisters of Mercy lyric on another thread and gosh! All these ex-Goth teachers emerged... Ex-Goth teachers of the world unite! How many of us are there?

Akz: I'm a total Goth fairy - at the weekends. Still have The Cure on my iPod. Students often ask me if I am a "gothgrungergreebo" after seeing my continued passion for wearing black even in work. I usually just tell them that I am a witch.

Bad_seed: I'm not the only one! I was listening to Bauhaus today while reading Camus. Can't get much goth-er than that, my friends! Pupils sometimes ask me if I'm a "gothic". I ask them to define the term - according to their definition I'm not.

Boris the pict: Used to be Goth, then punk, but after much big thought thinking and debating I realised I'm a Christian anarchist. I like to think I wear on the inside what I used to on the outside. I just wish I had enough hair to do a decent Mohican.

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