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Exam assistance

Hodder Gibson has recently released a batch of books for Standard grade, Intermediate and Higher studies.

In the Scottish Examination Materials series, Computing Practice Papers for Higher and for Standard grade each include four exam papers with detailed marking schemes to help candidates understand how they can attain maximum grades in the various sections. Higher Biology: Key Terms is a quick reference guide with terms in alphabetical order and concise definitions specific to the course. And Test Your Higher Chemistry Calculations has been brought up to date for the revised syllabus.

For less advanced science pupils, there are full colour textbooks for Intermediate 1 biology, chemistry and physics, with topic summaries and questions. All three would be appropriate for Access 3 courses.

There is a new title for Intermediate history, focusing on Campaigning for Change: Social Change in Scotland 1900-1979. Topics include campaigns for women's suffrage, the impact of both world wars on women's role in society, changes in industry, in leisure and popular culture and in education and attitudes.

Three revised editions of Standard grade history cover International Relations 1890-1930; Scotland and Britain since 1830 and People and Power: Germany 1918-1939. Each has been redesigned for full colour - key words are now highlighted - and to include additional source materials. An extra chapter has been added on examination technique.

Finally, there is a colour edition of Standard grade Computing Studies which covers all aspects of the new course arrangements. A glossary and index are provided, as well as questions for revision and exam practice.

The book can be bought with or without answers.

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