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Exams are easy

How can trainees fail the numeracy test? Yes, it seems ridiculous to test if we have GCSE maths at grade C or above but it is important that we can interpret tables of data relating to exams.

As I whizzed through the test, the girl next to me was just staring at the table of data not knowing what to do. She gave me looks of contempt as I happily typed in the answers. Needless to say she failed.

As a biochemistry graduate I would have been embarrassed not to pass first time. The hardest question on the mats exam was 4.5 x 20 (it was read out twice) and I got a further 18 seconds to answer it and other questions. The key stage 3 mental arithmetic test was harder.

Sam Warren ("Last chance to save a career" TES, May 18) thinks good spelling and punctuation is not relevant to primary teaching. Part of the literacy test is to understand writing on an issue in education. If this is not understood how does Sam expect to follow new directives and circulars?

Nichola Keeley 10A Carr Manor Crescent, Leeds

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