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Excellence is in the reckoning

It's calculators at dawn in the battle to claim pride of place as Ofsted's favourite college.

Runshaw college in Lancashire has claimed the title, attempting to push South Cheshire college into second place. Runshaw says that its latest Ofsted report is the "best ever" for an FE college.

Up to a point. The college was rated outstanding in seven out of nine curriculum areas, compared with 10 out of 13 at South Cheshire, which previously claimed the title. This gives Runshaw a 77.7 per cent outstanding rate against South Cheshire's 76.9 per cent.

But statistics-loving readers will be interested to know that, if you count the other three areas, including the all-important "leadership and management" grade, Runshaw gets nine out of 12 outstandings (75 per cent), compared with South Cheshire's 13 out of 16 (81 per cent).

FErret reckons South Cheshire is in front by a whisker.

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