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Exercise bank

Psychology resource bank By Pam Gallagher A-4 ringbound, 180-page resource module plus 60-page tutor's guide Pounds 105 National Extension College 18 Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge CB2 2HN.

There is no shortage of resources for psychology, but the Psychology Resource Bank does appear to offer something different, providing photocopiable materials for more than 70 classroom-based activities. However, at Pounds 105 it is rather expensive.

The tutor booklet gives clear instructions for setting up activities, outlining key concepts and learning objectives which help match exercises to course requirements. Many of the exercises require a good deal of planning and the booklet gives all the necessary information. The student materials are contained in a convenient loose-leaf folder.

Many of the exercises will be quite familiar to the experienced teacher, such as setting up a free recall memory study, or an observation of a child, but everyone should find a few new ideas and variations on old ones. The bank outlines a number of well-structured research tasks for small groups with plenary sessions, for example on the history of psychology or the theoretical approaches.

The exercises are not tied to any specific texts, but many require a wide range of reference books and other materials for students to use. The tasks are primarily geared to A-level students, although some could be modified for use with GCSE or GNVQ students.

Teresa Smyth is secretary of the Association of Teachers of Pyschsology and head of pyschology at Palmer's College, Grays, Essex.

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