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At the exhibition

Teaching Exhibitions presents Early Years and Primary Teaching, in Manchester, May 5-6. The event covers children from birth up to key stage 2 and special educational needs. Entry to the resources exhibition is free and will feature the latest arts and crafts products, curriculum teaching aids, ICT software, exam resources, special needs aids and much more.

A wide range of seminars will also be on offer. On Friday, John Bald, a languages consultant, will discuss the fuzzy logic of English spelling.

Children encounter many irregular words in the early stages of learning and this session shows ways of explaining irregularity and helping children understand the regular and irregular patterns in reading and writing.

Maggie Johnson, from the East Kent Costal Teaching Primary Care Trust, has two sessions on teaching and learning styles. The first, on phonics, shows how to engage children at a level where success and enjoyment is possible, and the second is about improving concentration and helping children see the difference between guessing and working it out.

Four sessions on confidence-building and self-esteem will also take place on Friday. These will look at how to build confidence through PE; how children's experiences in the early years impact on self-esteem; the importance of social, emotional and behavioural skills, and how teachers expectations of pupils to do well or not makes a difference.

Among the eight free workshops available throughout the two days, is Literacy and ICT Made Simple, on Friday, which shows how children can be engaged in the writing process through ICT.

On both days, Alan Heath of Learning Solutions will show during his Brain Gym seminars how a series of body movements can enhance specific skills, such as concentration. The movements, together with stimulation of the basic neurological senses, activate neurological pathways and enhance learning ability.

Visitors can find out how circus acts can be adapted to demonstrate hands-on curriculum-based science investigation and activities during Dr Mark Biddiss's Science Circus seminar on Saturday. "Dr Mark", who is an education consultant, will also offer ideas on how to engage and stimulate pupils' scientific creative thinking, problem-solving and reasoning skills.

Author and education consultant Alan Gibbons will look at writing poetry, fiction and non-fiction in history, PSHE, RE and geography during his seminar and, in another session, will consider the best strategies to encourage boys to enjoy writing.

Also not to be missed is Healthy Eating in the Curriculum, an interactive session providing delegates with examples of curriculum materials and good practice, and Effective Anti-Bullying Strategies for Primary Schools, exploring strategies that have been successfully implemented in Leicestershire schools.

Ticket hotline: 01923 690 646

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