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Exit signs for short career

My qualified-teacher-status certificate landed on the doormat alongside the front-page headline "Tussle for primary jobs" (TES, September 3). The article asserts that over a quarter of newly-qualified primary teachers are still seeking permanent work. I am one of those. A 38-year-old male career changer. Numerous times I've heard people say "A man? In key stage 1? You'll be snapped up!" Not so.

Sixteen applications and four interviews later I'm still searching. To stay in the system I've taken support work. I might drift into secondary teaching; I might drift out of teaching.

With the Government placing such importance on numeracy skills it's ironic that someone at the Department for Education and Skills got their maths so badly wrong. Not only is the Government losing the very people they have invested in, they are having to pay them Jobseeker's allowance as they follow the exit signs out of the profession.

Darren Windibank

5 Venison Terrace

Dixons Lane


Stockbridge, Hampshire

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