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Experience is the payment

Q: In a chat with an assistant head, he mentioned that the school was paying someone to come in to deliver sex and drugs education. I'm too bashful to do sex but said I'd like to do the drugs education. The upshot is, the head's agreed and I'm being sent on training and then I have to deliver the lesson to Year 9. I'm in a school where it's hard to get promoted so I'm grateful for anything I can put on my CV. They know this and won't pay me, citing the experience as the reward. Is this fair or do I qualify for a point for having this position?

A: If this is a one-off, I don't see why you should be paid. You should expect your lessons to be covered when you are teaching all the Year 9s. You shouldn't face lots of extra work for helping the school out, even if it improves your profile. Even under the old regime of management points, I don't think that delivering drugs education to Year 9 would have qualified for a point. It will not under the new Teaching and Learning Research programme (TLRP) framework (introduced from next year). If you do the training outside school hours, claim travelling expenses.

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