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ON-THE-JOB. Sourcebook for School Librarians. By Anthony Tilke. Library Association Publishing pound;19.95.

Managing a school library is a challenging job that is often undertaken by those with no formal qualifications in information studies. Anthony Tilke, an experienced school librarian and former professional adviser at the Library Association, has produced a comprehensive guide covering all aspects of the tasks a school librarian may be asked to perform.

It aims to provide practical support for those who, because they usually work in single-person posts, do not have instant access to the advice and help of colleagues.

Budgeting, evaluation, and marketing, as well as dealing with the difficult pupils and the often-vexed question of the librarian's status within the school hierarchy (and how to improve it) are all here.

For those seeking more detailed information, a useful reading list and details of training courses and relevant organisations are also included.

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