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Factor in other faiths


Ages 7 to 11

Celebrate diversity by encouraging your pupils to learn about and appreciate different religions.

On a central table, place resources from different religions, such as texts, photos, books, pictures of symbols and any other resources you can find. Working in mixed-ability groups, pupils are given a religion to explore. They collect resources and place them on their table.

Each group can write or draw things related to the particular religion they are studying and later present their findings to the class, discuss what they chose and why.

The class can evaluate each group and decide if any resources need to be swapped.

As a follow up, pupils can create their own posters in pairs about the religion they were studying that can be used in future displays.

Some useful websites to help with this activity are and www.woodlands-junior.kent. sch.ukteacherre.html

Cindy Silvester is a supply teacher in Greater Manchester.

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