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Factual about farming

I would like to make a brief response to Dr Roger Lock's letter "Animal sense" (TES, February 17) in which he says that he knows of no animal rightswelfare group that produces balanced material about animals.

The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare recently reviewed Compassion in World Farming Trust's slide set in its publication Animal Welfare.

"Campaigning animal welfare societies tend to produce promotional material which varies from the cheap and sensational to the authoritative and substantial," it said.

"The new teaching resource pack put out for use in national curriculum (key) stages 3 4 by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) lies clearly in the latter category. . . it is to a great extent accurate in its facts and realistic in its approach to man's use and misuse of farmed livestock".

I rest my case.


Commission in World Farming

Charles House

5A Charles Street



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