Fags out as smoking scheme is dropped

A SCHEME which allowed pupils as young as 14 to take cigarette breaks between lessons has been stubbed out, writes Nigel Burnham.

Sheffield's King Edward VII upper allowed some smokers to "walk around the block" for a fag in January, as part of a project to encourage them to quit the habit and stop them lighting up on school premises. The project, which began without some parents' and governors' knowledge, was opposed by anti-smoking groups and teaching unions.

Headteacher Michael Lewis this week confirmed that the experiment finished at half-term. Students are being informed, and the initiative is being evaluated with the support of health professionals.

"We are going to try to encourage pupils to join quit-smoking groups in a renewed effort to persuade hardcore smokers to kick the habit. We will continue the strong anti-smoking message in our personal health and social education programme," he added.

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