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A fair day's work in maths

The idea of a maths fair was suggested to us by our numeracy consultant and we turned it into a spectacular whole-school event to promote the use and enjoyment of maths, using practical activities to encourage participation and co-operation between pupils and adults in solving maths problems and enjoying "Number".

For several weeks before the event, staff and children were involved in a lot of extra work making games and signs and there was a definite buzz around the school.

We themed all our teaching areas for the day. The Reception class chose to work with the idea of transport, and set up their own travel agency, while Year 1 created a garden centre and Year 2 a seaside shop in their classrooms. Year 3 pupils based their activities on Egyptian numbers, Year 4 developed investigations around the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, Year 5 created a sports clinic and Year 6 made a series of giant board games.

Some of our learning support assistants turned a teaching area into a scene from an African storybook and offered a number of activities based on elements of the book.

Other local schools visited and were given the opportunity to try all the activities appropriate to their age range. Foxes Piece staff and pupils led all the activities. Numeracy advisers and consultants also visited and praised our event as an outstanding success.

Chris Taylor, headteacher, Foxes Piece School (Combined), Marlow, Buckinghamshire

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