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Fair-trade feast

The Year 11 pupil librarians at The Brooksbank school, a specialist sports college in Elland, west Yorkshire, win this week's bumper Dubble treat after their sterling work on the library's computer system.

Early last year the school bought a package to put photos on the system, but, says Mrs Buckingham, head of the library and resources, the IT department didn't have the manpower to help. Step in Year 11! They put 1,500 photographs on the computer manually, working from 7.30am until the start of school, during break and dinner, and after school.

And they didn't have to be asked. "It was their suggestion," says Mrs Buckingham, "and now it's completed we think they deserve a treat." We agree, and so our pack of goodies, which comprises a box of Dubble bars, two Dubble Easter eggs, two packs of Fairtrade Union Coffee blend and a Dubble T-shirt are on their way. Tell us why your class deserves a treat by emailing uk. We especially want to hear about your Red Nose Day antics. Mark your message Dubble offer. For more information on fair trade go to: www.dubble.;

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