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A fair-trade feast for your class

Miss Parry and her class at Copmanthorpe primary school near York win our bumper box of Dubble chocolate bars this week, at the request of parent Davina Abbott. Ms Abbott will begin training to be a teacher in September and found herself inspired recently by Miss Parry's assembly on Ancient Egypt. It began in a travel agency and ended with a re-enactment of mummification, "though the actor was spared having his brains removed through his nose!" Every child, including Ms Abbott's daughter, was involved and she left impressed by the level of work and research into hieroglyphics, belief systems and the treasures of the pyramids. She emailed Friday magazine from her current office job: "It's given me ideas for when I start." If your class deserves a treat, email

to tell us why, giving the name of your school. Mark your message Dubble offer. For information on fair trade,

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