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A fair-trade feast for your class

Helen Munday says class 5HM, at Kingfisher primary, Birmingham, deserve a treat for their exceptional, but so far unrewarded, attendance. The school is in an area of social deprivation, and her class has been particularly hard hit by the high pupil turnover rate, as families up sticks and disappear without warning. The school has concentrated on raising attendance as part of its aim to make school a refuge for vulnerable pupils, and each week rewards the top-attending class. But 5HM has had five pupils disappear since September, and, with no forwarding details, they remain on the register, knocking attendance rates down from the near 100 per cent the rest of the class is achieving. Ms Munday says her children are great, in spite of the difficulties many face. A bumper box of Dubble bars is on its way to say "Well done" to them all. If your class deserves a treat, email to tell us why, giving the name of your school. Mark your message Dubble offer. For information and resources on fair trade, go to

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