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Faith shines through

ONE OF the new beacon schools has discovered that being a shining example can be hard work.

The 180-pupil St Aloysius' Catholic school in north London received cash to release some teachers from classes to spread its good practice message to others.

Headteacher Bernadette Brittain said: "We have had so much interest from other schools - almost too much." Teachers from about 20 London schools have been given demonstrations so far. "I did not want to go to schools telling them what to do. It's a case of them wanting to come here and see how we operate. " Beacon status was awarded for hard work in literacy, numeracy and music.

Parental support is vital for the school's success, Mrs Brittain stresses. She added: "What unites this school is religion. We have kids from Sudan and South America, some of whom could speak no English. But being Catholic and Christian, and sharing the same ideals is very unifying."

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