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Falsely accused by my head

I commend Maran White ("All heads are vulnerable", TES, March 21), who wants to support other falsely-accused heads. But I would point out that heads have a much better chance of having their case heard than ordinary teachers.

I, too, was falsely accused, of using undue force on a child. I was bullied by my head for four years, during which she put me through informal capability procedures, failed me on all eight targets of my threshold application and eventually suspended me for the above alleged crime for which I been denied the chance to prove my innocence. She also told a colleague she believed I was stealing.

I decided to resign because of the effect on my health and family. That apparently was the wrong decision, because once I left there was no procedure for me to have my case heard and to get justice, even though I lodged my complaint against the head while employed.

My confidence to stand in front of a class has gone. I have had six awful years and it appears no one can do anything to help me.

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