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Family matter

The Bellany Family. Perth Museum and Art Gallery until May 1

An exhibition that introduces upper primary schoolchildren to Still Life, Self Portraiture and Symbolism, The Bellany Family focuses on a major group portrait by Scottish artist John Bellany, hung with seven other paintings by other artists from different periods. Visitors are given the chance to try their own hand at Still Life and Self Portraiture.

Education officer Barbara Hamilton says: "We've set up easels in the gallery and provided art materials and objects that can be arranged into still life groups, so that people can produce their own pictures. One of the biggest paintings with strong symbolism is an early one showing John Bellany and his family.

"Visitors are asked to guess what those symbols mean and then our new Arty Spider interpretation guide tells them whether they're right."

For older pupils, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall shows how artists through the ages have dealt with portraiture.

Tel: Barbara Hamilton, 01738 632488.

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