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Family values

Not for nothing were alumni of the former boys-only St Mungo's Academy in Glasgow known as the Mungo mafia. The point was not lost when three of the families attended a recent conference in Glasgow.

The presence of the respective head honchos of Futureskills Scotland, the Scottish Qualifications Authority and Learndirect Scotland - Stephen Boyle, Anton Colella and capo di capi tutti Frank Pignatelli - evoked the sentiment from Boyle that this was the first time that three former pupils of the Mungo had gathered in a large room wearing suits and where none of them was the accused.

Il capo Franco displayed commendable humility when he informed his audience that, in spite of his rise to fame and power, he remained a registered teacher - "just in case".

As well as Italian and French, he has an RE qualification and "does a wonderful lesson in transubstantiation".

That's non-denominational schools ruled out then.

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