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A family way

THE PEOPLE'S PEACE: A DYNASTY OF TEACHERS. BBC Radio 4, July 12 7.20 to 8.05pm.

Here is the history of post-war education, largely told by a montage of the memories of a family of teachers. Margaret Porter became head of a village school in Shropshire in 1934. Her daughters Elizabeth and Judith followed her into the profession, and eventually passed on the torch to third-generation Robert.

Elizabeth and Judith evoke the pride and family sacrifice embodied in a brand new grammar school uniform; the culture shock of meeting boys and girls whose parents owned their own houses. The Sixties and Seventies are vividly recalled. The latter were "the best-resourced years in our teaching careers we had overhead projectors coming out of our ears!" The history of education can be a dry study, but this programme well captures the changing moods of these remarkable times.

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