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Famous lefties

Left-handed children, and adults too, often find it reassuring to know that they are in good company, which is why the Left-Handers Club has posted a list of nearly 200 well-known lefties on its website. Here is a selection: Cheryl Baker, Napoleon Bonaparte, Allan Border, Matthew Broderick, Faith Brown, Julius Caesar, Charlie Chaplin, Bobby Charlton, Julian Clary, Bill Clinton, Phil Collins, Jimmy Connors, Henry Cooper, Steve Cram, Michael Crawford, Leonardo da Vinci, Robert De Niro, Charlie Dimmock, Phil Edmonds, Keith Floyd, Morgan Freeman, Noel Gallagher, Judy Garland, Bob Geldof, David Gower, Alexander the Great, Jimmy Greaves, Jimi Hendrix, Hans

Holbein, Jon Iles, Ross Kemp, Billy the Kid, King Edwad VIII, Lisa Kudrow, Rod Laver, Harpo Marx, Rik Mayall, Paul McCartney, John McEnroe, Tony Meo, Melinda Messenger, George Michael, Michaelangelo, Marilyn Monroe, Martina Navratilova, Pele, Fiona Phillips, River Phoenix, Pablo Picasso, Cole Porter, Prince William, Queen Victoria, Esther Rantzen, Ronald Reagan, William Roache, Julia Roberts, Tony Robinson, Brian Robson, Tony Roche, Jonathan Ross, Greg Rusedski, Ian Rush, Babe Ruth, Julia Sawalha, Monica Seles, Gary Sobers, Ringo Starr, Rod Steiger, Janet Street-Porter, Dean Sullivan, Colin Tarrant, Roger Taylor, Emma Thompson, Bill Treacher, Derek Underwood, Marco Van Basten, Terry Venables, Terry Waite, Richard Whiteley, Oprah Winfrey, Bobby Womack.

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