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Fantasy football nightmare;Letter

I cannot believe that anyone is seriously suggesting that Fantasy Football leagues will stimulate greater interest in maths.

Despite the media frenzy over football and related sports, not everyone finds the sight of 22 overgrown boys in silly shorts playing what is merely a child's game endlessly fascinating. Many of us realise that, apart from the essential tedium of the game, it is wildly over-hyped by the press and broadcasters in order to make lots of money for a few players and club-owners.

There will be many boys and girls who will find the whole idea a turn-off. What will we do for them?

What about "Fantasy Cabinet" for those who might be interested in politics and want to be Prime Minister, or "Fantasy School" for those who aspire to be headteachers? It is sad that David Blunkett's efforts to be seen as "one of the lads" by the Cabinet have reduced his ability to think to tabloid level.

Paul Garcia, 24 Rowan Drive, Turnford, Hertfordshire

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