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Fantasy football strikes maths goal;Letter

Paul Garcia (TES Letters, June 11) "cannot believe that anyone is seriously suggesting that Fantasy Football Leagues will stimulate greater interest in maths". As the teacher who piloted this scheme in Offerton high school, I can tell him that it already has.

No one is suggesting that a complete programme of study be built around the game, but its heavy reliance on statistical information makes it the ideal vehicle for certain lessons (such as those dealing with charts, graphs or statistics). Several of our students have also produced a Fantasy Pink newsletter in their own time to report on the results. What is so wrong in using a sport which many children enjoy passionately to encourage an interest in subjects they may otherwise find hard? His main point seems to be that many students "will find the whole idea a turn-off". Yet when has it ever been possible to please everyone all of the time?

I suspect Mr Garcia has allowed his dislike for a sport which he describes as "22 overgrown boys in silly shorts playing what is merely a child's game" to more than colour his judgment here. As for his complaint about "the essential tedium of the game", anyone who witnessed Manchester United's victory in Barcelona and did not raise more than an eyebrow in the last two minutes has water in their veins.

Gary Pettecrew

Offerton High School

The Fairway

Stockport, Cheshire

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