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Far-right spins election web

THE far-right British National Party, due to screen its first party political broadcast tonight (Friday), has admitted targeting schools. The party has fielded a full list of candidates, 71 in England, eight in Scotland and five in Wales, for next week's European elections, where it hopes to win at least one seat.

In what it terms a "life and death battle for the hearts and minds of the next generation", a BNP website explains how "your school can take part in the mock Euro-election" and gives details of how to receive an official Hansard Society school election pack. It encourages pupils to download posters from the site - "Let's get those photocopiers going".

More than 150 schools have registered for Hansard packs, which did not include information about the BNP.

"We want to get more involved with schools, I'd certainly like to speak to and visit more. We also hope to attract more young people," said a BNP spokesman.

The BNP has also published a new Internet website - Young BNP - aimed at secondary pupils, together with curriculum materials aimed at helping "white children understand their culture and who they are".

The party hopes to exploit anti-European feeling and gain credence through Euro-politics, modelling itself on the far-right parties of western Europe.

It claims to have at least a thousand members, including some teachers.

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