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Fast food insights

THE MEAT VIDEO MAGAZINE EDITION 3. From the British Meat Education Service, tel: 01908 844 188

If you can suspend any ethical objections you may have about McDonald's, you are bound to increase your know-ledge of the food industry by watching the latest Meat Video Magazine from the British Meat Education Service. The teacher's section provides an extremely useful update on the NGfL, and a round up of new multimedia resources to be released this autumn. The section for students explores McKey Food Services production of 15 million hamburgers a week for McDonalds. It highlights the computer-controlled technology involved in areas such as traceability, ordering and, most fascinating of all, analysis and adjustment of fat content to within 1 per cent of McDonald's specification. The accompanying booklet provides well thought out photocopiable masters, as well as activities including analysing the attributes of burgers to show the extent to which they are bland, beefy, greasy, loose textured and chewy.

Used with caution, this resource could do a lot towards developing discernment where fast food is concerned.

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