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Fast Track is a shambles

The Government's new Fast Track teaching programme is in chaos.

I applied to the programme but subsequently withdrew owing to the ineptness of a recruitment team who could not give more than three days' notice of an interview; the blatant non-communication between departments; and the sheer disorganisation of the whole programme.

Nobody seems to understand or can give a straight answer about what the programme entails.

The Department for Education and Employment seems keen to impress on candidates the monetary advantages of Fast Track over ainstream programmes and how candidates, once qualified, will be the trouble-shooters of the future. But I cannot see what advantage a nine-month Fast-Track postgraduate certificate of education could have over 10 or 20 years teaching experience.

Despite this the DFEE expects that fast-trackers will get promotion to senior positions ahead of experienced teachers. Unfortunately, all I can foresee the programme achieving is yet more animosity towards the DFEE.

Christel Meredith

7 Almond Close

Littleborough, Greater Manchester

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