Fast track snubs proven leader

As director of intellectual property for a large semiconductor company and an internationally-respected expert in my field, I had assumed when changing career to teaching that my real-life experience in managing large budgets and staff would have made me an ideal candidate for the fast track teacher training programme ("Straight to the Summit", TES, Jan 6). After all, the stated aim of the scheme is to bring professional leadership to schools. How wrong I was !

When I applied, I was told that I was ineligible because my degree result - something I scraped as an immature youth more than 20 years previously - wasn't good enough. None of my subsequent experience or skills, it seemed, could offset it.

I am now progressing through on-the-job training on the graduate training programme and enjoying my hands-on experience of teaching real children in a real classroom However, I can't help wondering whether this, too, will get discounted.

Steve Deeley 3, Sandwood Close Sparcells, Swindon

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