FE-males are in

As we reported last week, Edinburgh is keen to promote the fact that the city is promoting women. The number of women secondary heads has "soared" from 4.6 per cent to 7 per cent, i.e. there were 28 on census day last September.

But take a look at further education colleges. Seven now have women principals, an impressive 15 per cent compared with zero a few years ago. Remarkably, three out of the four Fife colleges have women on top with the recent appointment of the new Elmwood principal. And the fourth, Glenrothes, is not doing too badly having a female depute.

Even Glasgow has two colleges headed by women, Anniesland and Cardonald. "Under new management", we are told in the Cardonald press release hailing the arrival of Ros Micklem, a deputy FE principal from Cheshire.

We are glad to see, incidentally, that Cardonald did not believe in rushing out the good news until the principal had her feet firmly under her desk. The press release was dated September 12. "Ros", as we are urged to call her, took up the post on July 1.

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