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Fear that adults will be left out of learning revolution;FE Focus

Adults may find themselves left out of plans for lifelong learning unless guidance is extended to include the older generation, according to careers service representative body the Guidance Council.

The lack of reference in the Government's Green Paper The Learning Age to a careers advice service for adults is a worrying sign, says the Council's chairman Rodney Buse. "Adults need not only access to learning but information, advice and guidance too," he said. "This country has provided for guidance services for young people but provision for adults is just not good enough."

The Council, which is awaiting ministerial approval for its recently developed quality assurance system for the largely unregulated adult careers advice, is keen to see more initiatives like the Learning Direct national helpline. "We know many adults' needs will be met by information and advice which, the Government acknowledges, should be free to the individual," Mr Buse added. "The trouble is that many people don't know where to turn even for these, and where they do need guidance, most can't get it."

Harvey McGavin

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