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Feast of football

Does your class play fair? If so, they could be on the receiving end of a great match. Every week this term, we'll be giving away a box of fair-trade Dubble chocolate bars and a top-class Team football from Fair Deal. The chocolate comes from a 35,000-strong Ghanaian co-operative, and the football is hand-stitched by adults in Pakistan, who earn a fair wage for the job. So as well as being a top-quality piece of kit, it is helping give child labour the boot.

This week's winners are Lindsay Jones's Year 9 English class at Elizabethan high school, Nottinghamshire. The mixed-ability class was joined last year by Luke, a boy with special needs who had always been withdrawn into the SEN base for English lessons, and longed to be in a "proper" class. The children supported and encouraged him "through Macbeth, Sats stuff and everything". Ms Jones says: "He feels included and supported, and they have shown him just how mature and caring Year 9 students can be."

If your class deserves a treat for fair play, email to tell us why. Mark your message Dubblefootball offer.;

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