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Feed them ethics not fast food

WE should all be concerned about the way in which the McDonald's chain is working with schools.

In response to your article "Fast-food skills to go for the staffroom", (TES, July 11), the company has a pretty poor record:

* contributing towards the obesity epidemic with its food

* treating staff badly and then refusing them union membership (in North America)

* targeting children through advertising campaigns.

While damages were awarded to McDonald's in the famous "McLibel" trial in the Nineties, the trial judge expressed concern about the company's methods of getting children hooked on its food.

Teachers such as Harry Goodliffe, quoted in last week's TES, are being incredibly short-sighted. This commercialisation of schools is becoming widespread in America and should not be allowed to develop here.

We should be educating our children about ethical business, not feeding them the opposite.

Jenny Davey 9 Wilfred Owen Close London SW19

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