Feel-good factor. Got it?

Are you a happy Easter bunny or a droopy daffodil? Do you need more than lashings of chocolate and two weeks away from school to put a spring back in your step? Take our light-hearted quiz to find out, says Susan Young

1 The clocks have gone forward, the birds are warbling and you can't move for Easter eggs. You are thinking:

a Where did I put the barbecue?

b I need to start planning some outdoor lessons.

c Not long until tests and exams. Have I drilled them enough?

2 No school for a couple of weeks. Your plans include:

a Spring cleaning the classroom, revising the planning and perhaps some pre-exam cramming sessions.

b Our department is on a three-line whip to improve results - so the kids and teachers are being press-ganged into school for remedial work.

c I should probably tackle the tarantula-sized cobwebs and that unspeakable thing in the fridge. But something more fun is bound to come along.

3 You travel to work:

a Early, to get a good start.

b Cheerfully.

c Reluctantly.

4 Your colleagues are: a Colleagues.

b A friendly bunch, supportive and usually good to be around.

c Friends who I see outside work... well, some of them.

5 During staff meetings, you always:

a Listen intently. Playing Bullshit Bingo has added a whole new dimension.

b Listen intently. A moment's inattention could land me with the week's hot new initiative.

c Listen intently. I couldn't forgive myself if I missed something.

6 Teaching is:

a All I ever wanted to do.

b All I could think of to do. And, guess what - I love it.

c Secure. Good pension. What do you mean, do I like it?

7 When classes are over,you work: a The bare minimum. I wing it sometimes but no-one's complained yet.

b I organise after-school and weekend planning and marking to fit round my social and family life.

c All the time. The only thing that stops me planning is going in to school to teach.

8 My classroom control is like:

a Trinny and Susannah - I have to work at it all the time and I'm not sure what they say behind my back.

b Gordon Ramsay, without the swearing. They respect me, or else.

c Des Lynam... cool and relaxed but with a smaller moustache.

9 You chose your current school because:

a I tried posh and rough and I know where I thrive.

b It's like my old school. And the ones where I did teaching practice too.

c They offered me the job. The money was OK. And it's easy to get to.

10 If your social life was an Easter egg, it would be:

a A Cadbury's Creme Egg: small and sickly.

b A Mars bar egg: reliable, not too big and with something nice inside.

c Huge, Belgian and beribboned.

11 Family and friends are:

a The most important thing in my life - I'm very lucky.

b Fitted round work more often than I'd like.

c There isn't time for anything much outside school.

How did you score?

1 a-5, b-10, c-1

2 a - 1, b-5, c-10

3 a-5, b-10, c-1

4 a - 1, b-5, c-10

5 a - 1, b-5, c-10

6 a-5, b-10, c-1

7 a-5, b-10, c-1

8 a - 1, b-5, c-10

9 a-10, b-1,c-5

10 a-1, b-10, c-5

11 a-10, b-5, c-1

So, how happy are you?

Up to 25: Not much spring in your step, is there? But there isn't much springiness on a treadmill, which is where you seem to be at the moment. If you're a new teacher - well, it's that kind of year. Grit your teeth and resolve to sort out your work-life balance in September. But more seasoned teachers may have a real problem - are you in the wrong school, too perfectionist or a poor time manager? Get out in the spring sunshine and start planning - for yourself.

25-70: You're a slightly droopy daffodil but happiness is probably only a few tweaks away. Only you can work out what those might be, but happiness experts (yes, they exist) reckon a fulfilling job and good relationships are key to feeling good. So, is work taking over? Are you in the wrong school? Or could it even be that your social life is so rampant it is stopping your work from being fulfilling?

70-plus: You are a happy bunny, aren't you? So are you one of those people who naturally has a positive outlook on life, or have you worked to get things right? Have another Easter egg to celebrate.

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