Feel Good Friends

Feel Good Friends. Pack of resources to build self-esteem and emotional literacy includes board game, CD, cards and posters (all sold separately). pound;39.99 + pound;6.50 pp. email info@feelgoodfriends.com, www.feelgoodfriends.com. Five-plus

Tom Deveson chooses tales rooted in the past and positive help for the present

The four Feel Good Friends (right) look a bit like retro kids from the 1970s and have rather twee alliterative names like Tiggy Tutu and Roly Rainbow, but it would be churlish to resent the purposes they serve: to help children develop positive feelings about themselves and their friends.

The Feel Good Cards each contain a simple affirmative statement in the form "I am..." Children can decide to be "brave", "loving" or "safe"

and discuss what makes the description true.

Feel Good Faces is a collaborative board game. Players remove unhappy expressions and turn them into happy ones, either by communicating emotions such as embarrassment, surprise and boredom, or by sharing thoughts.

The Feel Good Journeys CD unites storytelling with breathing exercises and soothing sounds and appeals to the pictorial imagination. You can hear cynics scoffing, but you can also imagine the activities being quietly and unpretentiously beneficial

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