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Is that a feline or Year 9?

The adverts promote Lynx deodorant as an instant route to becoming irresistibly attractive.

But its popularity among Year 9 pupils is making it a turn-off for teachers. Dozens have complained on The TES online staffroom that teenage boys are spraying themselves excessively with the deodorant.

Although the Lynx habit can start in primary school, most teachers felt that aroma peaks when pupils turn 13.

"My son is in Year 9 and reeks of the vile stuff," one teacher wrote. "Is Year 9 when they discover girls?"

Some teachers said they opened windows when pupils returned from PE because the mixture of body odour and the deodorant made it hard to breathe.

A teacher in her early 20s said: "About a year ago I made my boyfriend stop using Lynx because he smelled like a Year 9. It took a bit of persuading."

One male teacher bravely admitted that he still used Lynx's Africa. "I like Lynx," he said. "It's that they use so bloody much of it in one go that causes the choking and gagging."

Several schools have banned the use of spray-on deodorants to protect students with allergies.

John Bangs, head of education for the National Union of Teachers, said that aerosols could prove a health risk in schools, but added that witnessing different teenage fads was one of the pleasures of being a teacher.

Unilever, which produces the deodorant, said that more than eight million men use it in Britain each day.

Today's teachers may count themselves lucky.

A Unilever spokesman said that that when he was at school pupils had splashed themselves with Brut.

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