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From Neets to ninjas

Everyone has their own theory about what caused England's riots - FErret's own suspicion is that the English cricket team's assured performances have convinced people they are living in some Matrix-style fantasy and they are trying to smash their way out.

But only a few are stepping up to do something about it, so a round of applause to Bradford College, which is working with the police on a summer camp to keep teenagers out of trouble.

The college's public service students, who are preparing for potential careers in emergency services, social work or youth work, are putting on a week-long programme of sports, indoor and outdoor team-building activities, swimming, assault courses, computer gaming and martial arts. wait, what?

Perhaps the one thing worse than a disorganised bunch of young hooligans tearing around the streets smashing stuff up would be a highly trained bunch of junior ninjas tearing round the streets smashing stuff up. Board up your windows!

Hopefuls never say Dai

In Wales, things are considerably quieter and as a result they have to make their own entertainment.

Deeside College has been offering training facilities for Wales's X-Factor style competition, Fferm Ffactor - a show of which FErret was shamefully ignorant.

Finalists, including former student Aled Roberts, took a refresher course in quad bike riding - an essential skill on the modern farm, apparently - before they do battle in the autumn.

Providing the mentoring just ahead of the final presumably makes the Flintshire college the Welsh equivalent of Gary Barlow's Los Angeles mansion or Louis Walsh's house in Shannon. No word on whether Simon Cowell will feature, though (sorry).

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