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Brain and brawn

Brain and brawn

Brain and brawn

It is understandable if lecturers don't like to think too much about what their students get up to in their spare time. After all, if you stare too long at the abyss, the abyss stares into you.

But while they might sometimes think their students look like they had been in a cage fight over the weekend, to judge by their appearance and alertness on Monday morning, in Brendan Loughnane's case it is, literally, the truth.

The 20-year-old, who just finished a BTEC at Trafford College, has been leading a double life as a semi-professional cage fighter in contests with names such as "Clash of Warriors 7: No Way Out".

"It's not like the film Fight Club - it's about discipline," Brendan told his local paper. "It used to just be two guys ripping each other's heads off. But now there are more rules and it's a really intelligent sport."

FErret thinks the jury may still be out on that. But it does add a certain frisson to the imminent return to college to wonder if your next class will contain someone who likes nothing better than to smash an opponent's face into the canvas in a "ground and pound".

Good luck everyone!

Richard the lionheart

Congratulations to Durham City AFC, the team that became celebrated as the worst in the UK after picking up zero points in the Unibond Premier Division last season.

After just one game at the start of the new season, they have already beaten last year's total, reaching the dizzy heights of one point.

It is a bittersweet moment, however, as many of the college students who bailed out the club when their senior players quit in a cash crisis have been dropped from the first XI. These include brave goalkeeper Richard Heiniger, from Newcastle College.

Anyone can score goals, but it takes a special kind of person to turn up every week only to watch 137 go past him.

Richard, we salute you.

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