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March 1 St David's Day (Christian)

David, the patron saint of Wales, lived in the sixth century AD. He is thought to have founded several monasteries.

March 10 Mothering Sunday (Christian)

Now widely celebrated as a secular festival, this was a day when live-in servants and apprentices were allowed to visit their mothers.

March 15 Al-Hijra (Muslim)

The Muslim New Year starts with a commemoration of the spread of Islam beyond the Prophet's home in Mecca.

March 17 St Patrick's Day (Christian)

Although not Irish by birth, Patrick is Ireland's patron saint.He is credited with the growth of the church there from the fourth century.

March 24-31 Palm SundayHoly WeekEaster (Christian)

Palm Sunday marks the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, and Holy Week the events told in the Easter story, ending with Good Friday (the day of Crucifixion) on March 29 and Easter Day (the day of Resurrection) on March 31.

March 28 Holi (Hindu)

A Spring festival celebrated across the Hindu world, often with processions and the playful spraying of coloured water.

March 28-April 4 Passover (Pesach) (Jewish)

This celebrates the liberation of the children of Israel from slavery in Egypt, as told in the scriptures. Symbolic food is prepared and eaten. A time for prayer, remembrance and thanksgiving.

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