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Festive frolics show there's nothing like a dame

Pupils from around Scotland give their verdicts on the highs and lows of the holiday season's stage shows

Pupils from around Scotland give their verdicts on the highs and lows of the holiday season's stage shows

ALADDIN - King's Theatre, Glasgow

Bothwell Primary, P67

If you want a magical adventure in the villages of China, this is where you'll get it. With unbelievable special effects such as pyrotechnics (fireworks), flying carpets and actors flying high in the sky, you'll never get bored. The loveable Aladdin was so much fun to watch, with audience participation like toilet rolls being flung at you (smelly) or everybody's favourite, water squirted at you. It really got you going. - Katie Culton

This hilarious pantomime was performed by the famous comedian Karen Dunbar as the amazing Widow Twankey, and Gerard Kelly as Wishey Washey, the idiotic son of Widow Twankey. The other son of Widow Twankey was the more sensible one, Aladdin, played by Keith Jack. His voice was glorious. In fact, I really don't know why he didn't win the Joseph show. I loved this so much. - Chloe Kerr

As soon as you have your nose inches away from the stage . BANG! Fireworks come whooshing up or smoke covers the room, the lights would dance around the stage, music would echo through your ears. - Kirstin Menzies

St Blane's Primary, P7

The scenery was very spectacular, with fabulous 3D effects including a flying carpet and the palace in Old Peking. Most of the costumes were glittery and sparkly; we especially liked the belly dancers' costumes. They were lovely and bright. Princess Jasmine's costume was golden and very regal. Widow Twankey's dresses were very big, especially her Lady Ga Ga thunder-thighs outfit, which had everyone, including the cast, laughing their heads off. The special effects were great too, like the strobe lights, magic carpet, the flying castle, the fireworks and the smoke (although the smell of the smoke wasn't very nice). The evil character Abanazar was believable to all and everyone booed as he came on. - Molly, Gemma and Julie

JACK AND THE BEANSTALK - Eden Court Theatre, Inverness

Hilton of Cadboll Primary, Tain

There was nothing I didn't like - it was absolutely brilliant. The best bit of all was when everyone sang the "Bean Song" at the end. I think Daisy the Cow and Simple Simon were the best characters because they were the funniest. - Callum Macdougall, P456

It was funny when Jack's mum sat down. Every time she sat, Jack's mum farted - about four times. I think she was very, very ugly. - Sophie Martin, P2

My best bit was at the end when we sang the song because we got to jump up and down on the chair. My favourite joke was when Speed peed on the audience and when Speed cried on the audience and water came all over. I didn't have anything at all that I didn't like, except why did Jack marry another girl? - Alexander McDonald, P2

Carbost Primary, Skye

The panto was fantastic. It was not the same as the story but it was a lot better. Jack was the hero and won back the golden harp. Dame Trott was the funniest character. She wore loads of different costumes. The best one was when she was wearing a Baked Bean costume. She also had a high-pitched voice. I think the best bit was when a teacher had to go up and wear a funny costume. The best joke was when Dame Trott said "there is no such panto called Jack and the Bin". - Ann-Marie, P6

My most favourite was the Giant and he looked pretty much like a pirate because he was ugly and he kept pet cockroaches, which is very weird and disgusting. No one would do that! - Sonny, P4


Drumbrae Primary, P7

In case you don't already know the story of Robinson Crusoe and the Carribean Pirates, well, here it is. Robinson Crusoe was just a normal boy who lived with his mum, except he had a tattoo of a treasure map on his bum. There were lots of good modern songs and all different kinds of dancing, like hip-hop and Irish. There were also lots of good jokes. - Rebecca Montgomery

There were some unusual features. One was when the stage went black and neon fish came out. It was cool because there was a chest at the bottom and it said on it "Gok's Frocks". An exciting part was when they went to Mango Island and Blackheart was waiting to capture them. Blackheart was not really that scary because he was full of laughter and sometimes when he had done or said something bad, he would say, "That was a real pirate thing, wasn't it?" One of the best comedy parts was when Blackheart pulled the plug out of the ship and Jedward jumped in. The only part that was not so good was when they used inappropriate language. - Chelsea Amos

The exciting part was when the shark came down and the actor kept hitting it with her handbag. While that was happening, Blackheart unplugged the plug out of the ship. There were some faults because they kept on laughing when they were not supposed to - but forget about that, the show was brilliant. I think families will enjoy it because of the funniness, and there is no nudity. - Chelsea Davis

Grant Stott always plays the baddy - he plays Blackheart the pirate. He has a right bad voice and he will properly stay as a baddy. - Lauren Stott

The special effects were really good because the director used neon, sparks and a snake that would come from the trees in the jungle. It was a little bit distracting when Mae had big water balloons and pretended she had big breasts, but they kept falling down her top and she said a bad word. - Jay Quinn

SINBAD - Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh

St David's Primary, Midlothian, P67

Sinbad is really funny and it is definitely worth going to see because the characters interact with the audience a lot. The music was really good. My favourite part was when the tardis came and Saucy Nancy got to change into all different clothes. Next time I hope they can throw more sweets out and do the funny "Twelve Days of Christmas" like at the King's Theatre. - Liam Glen

I think that the panto was hilarious but it was funny when the tardis went away. It was a bit rude but it was so funny. The best bit of the show was when Shingles got hypnotised by Crab's claw. My favourite characters were Swishy, Coral and Saucy Nancy. The best joke was when Swishy and Nancy tricked the fisherman for pound;10. I liked all Saucy Nancy's costumes. - Bailey Hunphries

Next time, can you put through more swears? I liked when Saucy Nancy had two stars and a green bush costume on. I liked the song "Here Come the Crabs". - Dillon Anderson

The best bit of the show was when they throwed the sweets into the crowd. But next time they should throw more sweets. Swishy was my best character because he does a lot of funny things. I liked Saucy Nancy's tower hat. - Liam O'Malley

One of the best jokes was when Swishy said, "How did the sand get wet . the sea-weed", but some of the jokes were only funny for the younger ones. - Rob Arthur

The best bit of the show was when Saucy Nancy went behind the tardis and kept on getting changed into different clothes. Saucy Nancy was very funny - the best joke was when Swishy and Saucy Nancy tricked the man into giving them the money. I liked the crab costumes because they kind of looked like crabs. - Chloe Maxwell

The panto was very good and I really enjoyed it. My favourite characters were SpongeBob SquarePants and Swishy because they were funny. Some of the costumes were naughty. I would recommend it as PG. - Scott Primrose

I thought it was funny because they done Stavros Flatley and Susan Boyle. Swishy and Saucy Nancy were the best of them all. I think the crab's costume and the stars costume was really funny. I think the pantomime was fantastic. I really liked it. - Nathan

CINDERELLA - His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen

Methlick School, Aberdeenshire, P567

Cinderella was great! The scenery was excellent and the effects were spectacular! It was funny, well choreographed and in a nutshell it was all-round brilliant. It was very good, particularly the 3D bit, but some of the 3D was scary. - Fraser Burnett

The best bit was when the Fairy godmother, Buttons, Dandini and Prince Charming told us we were going on a journey and we were attacked by a 3D snake. Also when Cinderella and the Prince were married. The Talent Show was good too. - Finn Baxter

Our favourite characters were Cinderella because she played her part well and put feeling into her words, the Ugly Sisters because they acted really silly and were hilarious, Foxy because she was very funny and stupid - and Buttons because when he was giving Cinderella a present, he got interrupted. - Sophie Kennedy

The best joke was when the Ugly Sisters were dressed up as Daleks and their plungers got stuck together and Roxy said: "This is why you never see Daleks snogging."

Good Fairy (as Katie Price): You should go to the Body Shop!

Ugly Sisters: Why?

Good Fairy: To get a new one!

The funniest bit was when they sang "The Twelve Days of Christmas".

The Old Lady's costume was good because she looked like an old lady. Cinderella's was also good because it had lots of patches on and was raggy, but the best ones were the Daleks'. They had gold and silver bowls with plungers stuck on the bowls. The skirts were gold and silver as well. They were shaped like cones and they had bumps on them. Cinderella's white sparkly dress was beautiful. I didn't like the 3D Roller Coaster ride!

The panto was very good and I enjoyed it a lot. - Cliona Kennedy.

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