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Few takers for cheap software

May I offer an observation from the point of view of a supplier of CD-Rom software for IBM and IBM-compatible PCs, following a recent attempt to introduce schools to the products we distribute, through your pages.

Because of the oft-quoted financial hardships that are currently being experienced by schools, and through a genuine desire to help, I persuaded the American publisher of the Arts Letters range of software products to donate a large supply of graphics design software, which would then be distributed to schools in the United Kingdom at a purely nominal cost.

Although prepared to distribute up to 1,000 copies, we received just over 100 requests.

Can it be that schools are so well supplied with quality software that offers like this are not welcome, or were they so suspicious of our motives that they were not prepared to risk the Pounds 5 handling charge? I can assure readers of The TESthat some of the schools that did respond were very complimentary, both about the product and the promotion.

Needless to say we have quite a few copies still available!

ROGER L SANSOM Marketing director Deverill Business Systems 1 Victoria Road Parkstone Poole Dorset

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