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Fife plays peacemaker

Fife is set to become the first council in Scotland to approve a policy on teaching about domestic violence. The education committee was due yesterday (Thursday) to approve a paper telling every school to ensure that the issue appears in its curriculum.

David Cameron, performance review manager, said: "We are looking at a preventative strategy, one that overlaps to a massive extent with gender and equality issues."

The new policy follows a consultative paper last year which was widely welcomed. Schools will be asked to look at their general ethos, child protection measures and existing initiatives to combat sexism, racism and bullying. Mr Cameron said the approach placed "an emphasis on respect for the individual and is all pervasive".

A training package will allow teachers to spot symptoms that a child is under stress from violence in the home or fear of it. Domestic violence is estimated to affect one in three households.

Some councils have produced a teaching package and Fife may follow, but Mr Cameron said: "The approach has to be comprehensive."

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