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Fifty hours' work is not unusual

I regularly read TES' unions-at-a-glance pieces - often with interest, sometimes with frustration. An article on 13 April, "NUT targets excessive workload", refers to that body's campaign against such workloads, and support for strike action, with the union saying that "many teachers work more than 50 hours a week, which is affecting their home lives and mental health".

Please don't forget some of their colleagues, such as school business managers. I usually work 60-plus hours per week. I do not seek sympathy, support or rebuke for this, but only to say that 50 hours a week is not unusual, and that I have only five weeks' holiday a year, not 13. Sometimes unions, and dare I say teachers, don't help their cause. Remain grateful for your job.

School business manager, South of England

Name and address supplied.

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