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A file with your life in it

The Scottish Office has announced a new "Progress File" to replace the National Record of Achievement from autumn 1999. The move, paralleling changes in England, is intended to keep track of individual school and later achievements as part of the Government's lifelong learning plans.

The NRA, introduced across the UK in 1991, was largely ignored by employers and universities. The Progress File has been trialled in 51 schools and 21 colleges, with positive responses.

It consists of a workbook in four versions: Getting Started (for S1S2), Moving on (S3S4), Widening Horizons (S5S6) and Broadening Horizons (for employment and training).

Scottish Office proposals on lifelong learning are still being prepared and may not appear until August - five months after their English equivalent. The TES Scotland understands officials are still wrangling over the definition of lifelong learning.

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