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Final straw on assisted places;Letter

Under the headline of "Assisted places rumpus" (TESS, February 23) you wrote of the possible strengthening of the Government's suspicion that the Forum on Scottish Education is not so much an independent voice for education but more a mouthpiece for sectoral interests.

Some sector! Apart from those bodies directly or indirectly paid by Government, most interests belong: unions, parents' associations, churches, to name only some.

No viewpoint is occupied unless all present at the bimonthly meetings achieve unanimity. No press release is issued until every member organisation has been circulated. In the event of any one demurring the statement does not go out.

I note in your subsequent issue that your own editorial opinion is that some of the 40,000 protesters against cuts who marched in Edinburgh two weeks ago found the increase in assisted places subsidies "the final straw". Just possibly the Forum got it right.



Forum for Scottish Education

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